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Nothing in Nunavut?!

The largest and least inhabited of Canada’s provinces and territories, Nunavut is a vast place with seemingly not much to see. However, it’s the sparseness and wilderness that’s appealing to more and more tourists, and those who are simply curious to see how people live up here, in what truly is the Great White North! So, if I were heading to Nunavut, what would I want to see? Well, if transportation were no issue, I’d head for the following: Iqaluit – The capital of Nunavut and the territory’s largest settlement, yet Iqaluit is home to less than 7,000 people. I’d […]

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Kivalliq Overview

Visit the Margaret Aniksak Visitor Centre in Arviat, where tools, Inuit games, and traditional clothing are all on display, as well as artifacts collected from local archeological sites. Hamlet Days in Rankin Inlet is a spring celebration where there is a midway, races, children’s festival, and square dancing! The local diet in Baker Lake includes a healthy dose of caribou, hunted locally. The Kirchoffer Falls near Coral Harbour have a picnic site where you can fish for lake trout and arctic char, and relax while enjoying a picnic. Chesterfield Inlet used to be a major center in Nunavut, but many […]

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Kitmeot Overview

There is a major herd of musk oxen just outside the community of Cambridge Bay. Many families in Gjoa Haven still travel by dogsled, and some race in the local annual dogsled race, the ‘Nunavut 200’. Kugluktuk is home to the Coronation Golf Club, a beautiful 18-hole course located on the sandbar between the community and the ocean! Talk about a view!

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Baffin Region Overview

Nunavut is made up of individual communities, none of which are connected by a road. In fact, there are no highways in Nunavut, and only one road in all 2 million (772,204 sq.mi.)! Approximately 85 per cent of residents are Inuit, however animals outnumber humans. The

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