Pangnirtung means literally 'place of the bull caribou', but the locals refer to it as simply 'Pang'. In 1921, the Hudson's Bay Company set up a post, and in 1923 the RCMP arrived, creating this well-populated community. A local turbot fishery is operated, and local artists are renowned for their weaving. Walruses, seals and beluga whales can be seen off the coast, and if you are interested, the Pang Historic Blubber Station has a self-guided tour which includes an old reconstructed whaling station with whale boats!

The Angmarlik Visitors Centre also tells of the whaling history of the region. Nearby Auyuittuk National Park was the first park to be designated north of the Arctic Circle in 1972. Hikers and climbers will enjoy the challenge of Mount Duval, as well as cross-country skiers. You will have to be transported to the park with a local outfitter via snowmobile or boat. Remember your camera on this trip, as most areas of this land are unspoiled arctic areas- virtually undiscovered! Talk about a unique vacation!

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Alivaktuk Outfitting Hotel Pangnirtung P.O. Box 3
Angmarlik Interpretive Centre - Pangnirtung Hotel Pangnirtung P.O. Box 227 Request Info

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