This is the second largest community in Nunavut, and has also been its business capital for the past twenty years or so. Many residents hold government positions, but other areas of the economy area also flourishing, and many residents are choosing to open small businesses.

Rankin Inlet is famous for its cold winds that sweep through town in the winter, but visitors always return, knowing that the residents will greet them warmly. A gateway to the Kivalliq region, visitors who come to fish in crystal clear rivers, hunt or canoe often stop here first. It is also a major stop on the Beluga Trail, which runs along the western shore of Hudson's Bay.

Nearby Marble Island is an archeologist's dream come true! Visit this island to discover the remains of the whalers who lived here long ago, but couldn't deal with the harsh Nunavut weather. Nearby Deadman's Island has graves as reminders of those who couldn't adapt, and there are many whaling artifacts on display. Remember to pack a toque!

Kiggavik Bed
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Nanuq Lodge
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