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Baffin Region Overview

  • Nunavut is made up of individual communities, none of which are connected by a road. In fact, there are no highways in Nunavut, and only one road in all 2 million (772,204 sq.mi.)!
  • Approximately 85 per cent of residents are Inuit, however animals outnumber humans.
  • The Iqaluit“>Iqaluit airport is also a back-up landing site for NASA’s space shuttle.
  • Iqaluit is located near the traditional migration route of one of the great Baffin Island Caribou herds, and the herd makes an occasional trip through town (creating quite the traffic jam!).
  • St. Jude’s Cathedral downtown Iqaluit was hand-built by members of the congregation in the shape of an igloo. The pulpit and altar rails are in the shape of a sled, and the cross is made of two mounted narwhal tusks!
  • In Iqaluit, the cabs have no meters: they charge around $4.00 for a ride anywhere in town, but will often stop and pick up others along the way.

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